Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for the house you’ll retire in, buying a new house is always a big decision. To increase your odds of finding the right place, you want to know the basics about any area you include in your house hunt.

If Cornelius, NC is one place you’re considering, these are the most important bits of information to know about buying a home in the city.

1. Lake Norman is a top attraction.

If your favorite leisure activities include fishing or paddle boarding, or if you simply love a waterfront view, Cornelius can deliver. The city boasts 54 miles of lake-side shoreline. Some of that is lined with waterfront restaurants and parks that promise a view, along with shops selling art, antiques, and clothes.

As you might expect, some of the premium properties in town are those located on the lake. Some Lake Norman properties get listed in the millions, but there are smaller lake-side homes available for less as well. If you want a view of Lake Norman to become a normal part of your day, you may be able to find a home that provides just that.

2.  Cornelius is great for beer lovers.

Cornelius has multiple breweries, including D9, Primal Brewery, and the creatively named Ass Clown Brewing. While beer is the bigger industry in town, wine lovers need not feel left out. The city also includes the Corkscrew Wine Pub that stocks an impressive selection of wines—along with a few beers on tap.

Cornelius is a key stop on Lake Norman’s Beer and Wine Trail Map, which shows just how filled the larger area is with breweries, wineries, and other drinking destinations. If grabbing a brew or a glass of wine is one of your favorite pastimes, you’ll have plenty of options to do so in Cornelius and its neighboring towns.

3. Know your notable Cornelius, NC neighborhoods.

Every city is made up of specific neighborhoods, and knowing the different character of each can help you make a better choice when looking for a home. Some of the top neighborhoods to be aware of in Cornelius, NC are:

  • The Peninsula

Just like it sounds, the Peninsula is partially surrounded by water, meaning many of the homes in this neighborhood include lake access and lake views. The Peninsula is one of the most upscale areas of Cornelius, with many large and elegant homes.

  • 100 Norman Place

100 Norman Place is a waterfront community in Cornelius that includes a range of home styles and easy access to Lake Norman.

  • Jetton Cove

Jetton Cove is another community offering many homes on the water. It consists of single-family homes and townhouses, and includes a community pool for residents. The area is great for those with an active outdoors lifestyle, as it was designed to be pedestrian-friendly and have plenty of bike lanes.

  • Robbins Park

The Robbins Park neighborhood shares a name with one of its best features. The family-friendly Robbins Park includes tennis courts, playgrounds, a disc golf course, picnic areas, and plenty of greenery. The neighborhood is located close to a golf course and shopping center, so residents have plenty of options for things to do nearby.

  • Bailey’s Glen

Bailey’s Glen is a 55+ community located close to Lake Norman, and right next to Bailey Park. The community includes a large clubhouse for residents that hosts regular activities and houses an aerobic center, library, and game room. It’s a good neighborhood for seniors wanting to stay active and close to nature.

4.  The median cost of a home in Cornelius is $304,400.

The price of real estate in Cornelius includes a wide range—from multi-million dollar homes to more modest options that come in under $200,000. According to Zillow, the median cost of a home in Cornelius is currently $304,000, with an average cost per square foot of $184. 

5. The city’s growing.

When you buy a home, today’s prices aren’t your only concern. You want to know if your investment will appreciate. While still relatively small at around 31,000, the population of Cornelius has been on an upward trajectory. The city has more than doubled in size since the 2000 census which put it at just under 12,000 people.

That bodes well for anyone buying a home in the city, as more people moving in translates to higher property values. Zillow predicts a 2.5% increase in home values in the next year.

6.  The public schools in Cornelius get top grades.

Whether you have kids, or just want to know the home you buy is in a well regarded school district, you’ll be pleased to know that the public schools in Cornelius are some of the best rated ones around. That bodes well for property values. And more importantly, means that anyone with a family that considers settling down in Cornelius can trust their kids will be in good hands for their education.

Any Home in Cornelius, NC Can Be Your Dream Home

There are a lot of reasons to consider Cornelius, NC for your next home. But even if none of the houses you visit there check 100% of your boxes, you can still mold them into the image of your dream home. A trusted Cornelius, NC contractor like Fineline Construction can help you convert the house you choose into the home you’ve always wanted. 

We have lots of experience working in Cornelius, so know the neighborhoods, city conditions, and local permit processes well. Set up a free consultation and we’ll help you determine how best to realize your dream project within the budget constraints of your reality.