A Guide to Buying a Home in Denver, NC

So much of what a day-to-day life looks like is influenced by your community.  When you’re making a big decision like buying a new house, finding the right city and neighborhood is crucial to creating the happy home of your dreams. And North Carolina is full of beautiful communities for residents to consider.  If you’re pondering a move and trying to determine which is the best choice for you, Denver. NC is worth a look.

For North Carolinians with Denver on the radar, here’s what to know when considering the community for your next home. 


1. Denver has a population of a bit under 3,000.

According to Best Places, Denver’s population comes in at 2,727, and it’s on the rise. While Denver is close enough to several larger communities to tap into some of their resources for entertainment and shopping, it’s a great choice for those looking for a more small-town feel. You can get to know your neighbors soon after a move, and trust that many people in the community will start to recognize you. Small-town life isn’t for everyone, but if the idea of living in a small, close-knit community sounds like heaven to you, Denver may be just right. 


2. Technically, Denver is an unincorporated community.

Denver isn’t exactly a city based on the legal definition. Instead, it’s an unincorporated community that’s part of Lincoln County. That means some of the main government resources and utilities will be provided by the county or other nearby communities. That includes getting water services from the Lincoln County Water Department in Lincolnton and attending schools in the Lincoln County School System.


3. The town has a reputation for being laid back and slow paced.

 If you want to live the fast-paced city life, look elsewhere. But if the idea of a lifestyle that’s a little more relaxed appeals to you, Denver may be the right choice for you. While the area is growing and the feel of the community could change, there’s a decent chance that most of the people who choose to buy in the Denver area will be fellow fans of the slow life, specifically seeking the neighborhood to avoid the bustle of busier cities. If that sounds like your people, check Denver out. 


4. Denver is on the west side of Lake Norman.

Lake Norman is one of the top attractions in North Carolina. If you like lakeside views and lake-based activities, Denver gets you close enough to the famed lake to enjoy its perks. And the perks are many. Lake Norman is a hub of water sports, shopping, and restaurants. If you like fun and beauty (and who doesn’t?), easy access to the lake puts you in touch with both. 


5. The median home price in Denver is $347,000.

No one can buy a home without considering cost. While the houses listed in Denver show a wide range in prices, Zillow puts the median home value at $347,000. And that number is on the rise—the site predicts a 2% increase in the next year. 


6. Denver residents can commute to Charlotte.

The drive from Denver to Charlotte is about 40 minutes. That means Denver residents have easy access to all the cultural features of North Carolina’s biggest city. And for those who work in Charlotte, a commute is possible—although you should be aware that the drive time increases during rush hour.


7.  Enjoy access to several area parks.

While Denver’s too small to boast too many activities and features, it does provide lots of access to nature. You can take your kids to play and wander the trail at Rock Springs Nature Preserve or play disc golf at Beatty’s Ford Park. Or you can head to the farmer’s market that meets on Saturdays at Rescue Squad Park. The community provides several options for enjoying playgrounds, sports fields, and forays into nature. 


8. Golf lovers can join the Westport Club.

If you love golf, the Westport Golf Club is a mainstay in town. It has a reputation for being one of the best golf clubs in the Charlotte area. If a day on the green is one of your favorite ways to pass the time, Denver won’t disappoint.


Denver Could Be Your Next Home

If all of that sounds right up your alley, the next challenge is finding the right home. But in a small community like Denver where there are only so many houses to begin with, finding one that matches exactly what you want is a tall order. There’s no need to worry though—with the right Denver area contractor, you can make any house into the home of your dreams. 

Fineline Construction has experience working on home improvement projects in the Denver area. We know the neighborhoods. We know the local ordinances. And we know construction. We can help you turn the Denver, NC house you choose into the home you want it to be.