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Transform your deck or patio into a beautiful screened porch.

Material Options

There are many different styles to choose from when considering your new screened porch. For flooring options, there are various types of composite products, pressure treated products, PVC products and exotic products. Let’s lake a look at each one along with their individual pros and cons:

Composite Products: 

These consist of Trex, Rhino Deck, and Veranda Decking to name a few of the top producers. Most all composite products are made from the same basic formula. They come in a variety of colors and do not need to be painted or stained, although many of the composite products are completely compatible with paint and stains. Excluding the occasional cleaning, most composite products are completely maintenance free.

The main disadvantage of composite decking is that the color does not go all the way through the product. It is similar, but still a bit different. This means that scratches and other damage may show easily and there is essentially no way to repair it without replacing it. Several producers still use recycled wood products in their formulas, therefore it is not 100% rot-free.  These products will still outlast pressure treated wood by many years and are still considered an excellent choice for exterior products.

PVC Products:

Many companies that once specialized in only composite products are now producing PVC products. PVC is by far the best product for any deck or screened porch. Of course, its price reflects that as well.

A main advantage of PVC decking is that it does not not warp, twist or crack. Additionally, it does not fade, have any knots or splinters and is insect resistant. It is very comfortable on your feet and is cool to the touch, even on hot days.

A disadvantage, though, to PVC decking is that it expands and contracts more than wood or composite.

Pressure Treated Products:

Pressure treated products are the most affordable in terms of upfront costs. However, there are many disadvantages to using pressure treated products.

Wood is full of knots and warps very easily. Cupping, cracking and splitting is very common and will most likely happen within the first couple of years. Wood can be very uncomfortable on your feet and getting a splinter in your foot is never any fun. The maintenance required to keep a wood deck looking nice can get very costly. In fact, if you add the upfront costs and maintenance to a wood deck, you could easily pay for a composite deck!

However, not all budgets can accommodate a composite or PVC deck and must use pressure treated products. With proper maintenance and protection, you can expect a lifespan of 15 to 20 years for most pressure treated materials.

Usually, though, whatever product you choose for your flooring sets the tone for the rest of the project. We make it our goal to blend your new screened porch with your home. The idea is to make it appear as if your home and porch were built at the same time.


We offer gable, hip, flat and custom roof styles. Depending on the style of your current home, we will design a beautiful screened porch that will blend in seamlessly. You can choose anything from removable screen systems to more traditional fixed screen panels.

The options are truly unlimited, so please call us today at 704-332-1747.  We would be happy to discuss your new screened porch project! We serve Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.