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screened porches in charlotte ncWhen it comes to determining the desired look and feel of your screen porch, there are many screen porch design ideas to consider. Screen porches have come a long way in the last few years and homeowners and contractors are getting very creative with their projects. The result is a larger selection of materials to choose from which makes customizing your screen porch with Fineline Construction a cinch. So where should you start?


Before you get to the fun part of picking out lighting, ceiling style, and flooring, first you need to determine what you plan on using the screen porch for primarily. Discuss with your family or with your contractor what you might like to do within the space. Do you plan on entertaining and needing space for many people? Or are you looking for a cozier, intimate space for one or two? Try to imagine the layout of your porch with furniture. Determine how much space you will need to walk around any chairs or tables to keep the traffic flow of the room unobstructed. A professional contractor can help you with this step to make sure you don’t forget any space details.

Screen Porch Exterior – Roof, Trim, Screen Selection

Once you have chosen the size of your screen porch, next you should consider how you would like your porch to look from the outside. There are just as many screen porch design ideas for the outside of your porch as there are for the inside. Most homeowners choose a roof and materials that match the current aesthetic of their home so the addition appears as if it is part of the original build of the house. For this reason, if your current home has a gable roof for example, it would be wise to use a gable roof on your screen porch as well.

Another option would be a shed style roof. For this option, it is important that the slope of the roof matches the slope of your original roof. By using qualified contractors, you can be sure you don’t end up with an uneven look that is sometimes the result with do-it-yourself builds or inexperienced builders.

To further blend the addition to the home, you definitely want to make sure your contractor can match the roofing materials at the roof line if they connect. Nothing would be worse than having a “zig zag” appearance clearly separating the old from the new. The same goes for the skirting beneath your porch and your porch trim. Select designs, colors and materials that match what is currently on your home and you will be thrilled with the final result.

For the screen material, one consideration is the color. Certain colors help to block glare from the sun and can affect lighting in your room. Just a few samples of materials available for screens include fiberglass, aluminum, steel, bronze, and galvanized. The weave of the screen is important too. Smaller weaves will obviously keep out more insects and unwelcomed guests.

There are even products with sun protection elements to block the sun’s rays and help keep the temperature cool and comfortable. Another feature you might be interested in is the ability to change out screen panels with glass panels for various times of the year. Window coverings and protection from the elements are another alternative that you will want to discuss with your contractor.

Screen Porch Interior

Next you can move on to the inside for ceiling, lighting, and flooring screen porch design ideas to complete your space.20150723_120409

Ceiling options include the very popular bead board, vinyl bead board, tongue and groove wood, plywood, or low maintenance composite products. Beams can be exposed or ceilings can be completely covered for a smoother finish. You can even have crown molding along the ceiling perimeter with additional rope lighting for a very refined and elegant look.

Lighting in your screen porch space is important as you want to make sure everyone can see their game pieces and you can see that book you are reading as you relax away the day. Ceiling fans with lighting are a good choice for brightening up the porch as well as adding more air flow. Porch lighting options are plentiful but again, you should try to complement the style of your home so that everything flows from the attached room onto the porch.

Flooring choices for screen porches are abundant and don’t just include wood or concrete. Yes, you can do a simple stain or paint but how about using tiles, brick, or stone? It is definitely possible and you will get a beautiful result. The flooring is one of the first things guest will see when they enter your porch and can make any space stand out.

For any budget, your contractor can help you with screen porch design ideas to add value to your home, create space, and provide entertainment for years to come. While it might seem there are many decisions to be made, a representative from Fineline Construction will help you navigate all of the options and help you reach your design goals. Contact us to get started on your custom screen porch project today.