The more time you spend sitting at home, the more you’ve been thinking about taking on that home improvement project you’ve been dreaming of. Adding a screened porch to your house would expand the space your family has access to day-to-day. It would give you a way to enjoy views of nature without having to leave the house, and without any risk of exposure to bugs or bad weather.

As you take the first steps toward turning that dream into a reality, you want to think through everything a screened porch can be. And there are a number of great screened porch accessories that will give you even more ways to enjoy the extra space.

1. Ceiling fan

As we move into the thick of summer, the hot days bring reminders of how much relief a simple ceiling fan can bring. A fan is a relatively simple addition to include in a screened porch project, and a necessity for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy summer afternoons on the porch. You can even pick a stylish one that adds some character to the space, along with its practical functionality.

2. Ceiling heaters

Screen Porch Ceiling Heaters

It may be summer now, but the winter nights in the Charlotte, North Carolina area can get intense. If you want your screened porch to be comfortable year-round, including ceiling heaters is a smart option. Even when it snows, you can cozily curl up on your porch to watch the winter scene with a hot beverage and a blanket. And heaters don’t have to be an eyesore. We’ve installed flush-mounted stainless-steel heaters within a wood-trim picture frame, so they blend in with the ceiling and look beautiful.

3. Fireplace

If you really want to create a cozier atmosphere on your screened porch in the winter, a fireplace is key. Nothing quite compares to sitting in front of a fireplace with loved ones on a cold evening. And when the fireplace is on your porch, the ambiance is even more special because you can combine a view of nature with the fire in front of you.

4. Accent lighting

Screen Porch Accent Lighting

Accent lighting sets the tone of your screened porch area. A popular option we’ve seen for North Carolina homeowners is accent lighting installed behind crown molding. You see the effect of the lights rather than the source, which creates a lovely glow. Or you could add stylish lamps that include a dimming option. Accent lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to make the space more inviting and relaxing.

5. Stair lighting

If your screened porch will be built in a space that requires stairs, you can make them safer to use and more attractive by adding stair lighting. You have a lot of different options for stair lighting that come in an array of styles. But all of them will make navigating your screened porch at night easier and safer and add an extra aesthetic element at the same time.

6. Gas lanterns

While you can do a lot to add ambience and beauty with different types of electric lights, nothing’s quite like the effect produced by a flame. Gas lanterns are a safe and easy way to bring that unique look and feel to your screened porch. And as an added bonus, gas lighting will keep working if your electricity goes out. And it won’t add to your monthly electric bill.

7. Crown molding

Including crown molding along the edges of your screened porch is a great way to add a little elegance to the space. As previously mentioned, you can pair it with lighting to provide a unique look and feel. But even on its own, it can make a screened porch look more sophisticated.

8. Entertainment center

While you can get plenty of enjoyment from your screened porch with just a book or newspaper, you’ll likely use it even more often if you add a built-in entertainment center. Including an entertainment center in the initial plans ensures it’s easy to add a TV, video game console, Blu-ray player, and any other electronic item you regularly turn to for entertainment. This is an especially useful screened porch accessory if you have kids you may want to shuffle out of the way on occasion, while knowing they’re still safe nearby.

9. Porch kitchen

A porch kitchen is a big additional feature to include in your plans. But it creates a whole extra space for cooking, which comes in handy for households with multiple chefs, especially when everyone’s making more of their meals at home. And once people can get back to hosting dinner parties safely, it makes the screened porch a perfect space for serving friends and family that gather.

10. Skylights

A screened porch will already attract a lot of natural light throughout the day, but you can add to it by including skylights. And when you can see the sky just as well as your backyard, the views you get to enjoy from your screened porch will grow to include the stars at night and more of the clouds during the day. If one of your main goals in adding a screened porch to your home is easier access to views of nature, skylights are a screened porch accessory worth considering.

11. Motorized screens

If you’re torn between whether to go for an open porch or a screened porch—you don’t necessarily have to choose. If you invest in motorized screens as an accessory for your porch, you can alternate between the two as desired. Motorized screens allow you to close off the porch when the bugs get too bad or block out the sun when it’s too bright. But when you want to get the full feeling of being outside without a barrier, you can lift them and enjoy a more open feeling.

Get Started Building that Screened Porch

You don’t have to wait to get a screened porch project off the ground. With the right contractor, you can add a screened porch to your home with all the accessories you desire, while still responsibly social distancing. Start enjoying your new screened porch sooner rather than later by contacting Fineline Construction for a consultation today.