Kitchen Builder in South Park, NC

When considering possible changes for your own home, sometimes it helps to get inspiration from what others around you are doing—that’s at least part of what drives the popularity of home improvement shows. But trends can vary in different places, and maybe you want to keep your inspiration local.

For residents of the Charlotte, NC area, we can give you an idea of the types of home improvement projects popular with your neighbors right now based on what we’ve been hearing and seeing from customers.

1. Screened porches

This is far from a new trend in the Charlotte area, but it remains one of the main projects homeowners contact us about. Screened porches allow people to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the inconveniences (pests, bad weather, dirt, etc.). While the interest in screened porches is consistent, what clients use them for tends to vary. Some want a living area that can serve as a dining room, and some turn it into a space for regular family entertainment pursuits like puzzling or movie nights.

We also see a few common features people like to include when adding a screened porch to their home: ceiling heaters, fans, and/or a stone fireplace to keep it comfortable year-round; Craftsman-like columns for style; and recessed lighting to create the right atmosphere.

2. Outdoor entertainment areas

While many clients seek out the relative protection from the elements that screened porches can provide, we also see a lot of homeowners interested in making their (unscreened) outdoor spaces better equipped for entertaining. Features like fire pits and patios with grilling areas are a popular choice for people who want an outdoor space where they can host friends and family.

How involved these areas depend on personal preferences, but some common additions we help residents with are: installing a built-in gas grill, adding solid bluestone countertops and stainless steel or cedar cabinetry to make outdoor food prep easy (and stylish), installing stair lighting for visibility and atmosphere, and including a nice fire pit to complete the vibe.

3. Remodeled kitchens

Even before the pandemic left people feeling stranded at home for much of the last couple of years, plenty of people spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The space you depend on for creating the food and drinks that provide both basic sustenance and flavor is an important one, and you want it to look the way you want while providing the features you need.

We hear from a lot of clients that want to change the style of their kitchen to give it a lighter and brighter look. Often they decide to pick out new cabinets and countertops. Specifically, Shaker-style cabinets in white, gray, or a shade of green are popular. One-level islands that are large enough to accommodate a lot of items are another popular addition. And pendant and chandelier lighting are common touches to add some extra style.

4. Master suite additions

No matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, you definitely spend even more time in your bedroom. Creating a bedroom space that’s comfortable and provides everything you need is paramount to loving your home. That’s part of why master suite additions are another of the most popular requests we hear from Charlotte residents.

One scenario we see come up a lot is people living in homes built before 2000 with the master bedroom on the second level. For people who have lived in those homes for years and are starting to feel their age, having to go up and down stairs repeatedly throughout the day can become tiresome. So adding a master suite to the ground floor, and converting that second floor into a nice guest bedroom is a popular home improvement choice. It’s a change that’s not only good for the current resident, but increases the resale value as well.

These additions tend to include a bedroom that’s larger than the original that has lots of windows, a nice bathroom with windows, and decorative lighting like chandeliers. We’ve also noticed a common preference for skipping a bathtub in exchange for a large shower that includes shower seating.

5. Basement finishing

Many homes in the greater Charlotte area have a basement that currently sits (mostly) neglected. That drives another one of the most popular home improvement projects we see, basement finishing. A lot of homeowners are ready to get more for the space they already own. We convert basements into in-law suites, into a living area for teenagers or kids coming back from college that affords them a bit more privacy, into rec rooms that add at-home entertainment options for the family, and into exercise rooms.

Most basement finishing projects we take on include adding an extra full kitchen to the home, a full bedroom, and a full bath. For people ready to invest in their basement, they want it to function as a full living area. Doing so not only increases the usable living space in your home (sometimes by a lot), but it also adds a lot to the resale value.

6. Comprehensive updates to historic homes

The last of the most popular home improvement projects we work on is a bit more comprehensive than the others. A lot of the most valuable areas of Charlotte, NC are in historic parts of town where the homes are old. People who want a great location on the lake often end up buying houses that are outdated and in disrepair. The houses don’t necessarily need to be demolished, but they do need to be transformed.

Clients in this situation usually contact us wanting to change the style of the home completely. We help them paint it (most often in lighter colors), add porches, incorporate roof accents, put in shake siding, and sometimes even install a false chimney. Wanting a great location shouldn’t have to mean settling for a home that doesn’t match your needs or preferences, so we help Charlotte homeowners achieve both.

Feeling Inspired?

Every home is different, and only you can decide what home improvements and stylistic choices will make your space feel more like home. But if hearing about the choices your neighbors are making has given you any big ideas, we’re happy to help you realize them. We have years of experience helping homeowners in Charlotte turn their houses into precisely the space they want it to be. Set up a consultation today to learn what we can do for you.