Are All Charlotte Home Remodeling Contractors Created Equal?


  • 1. You can trust your contractor.

    Most everything in life is based on trust. Hiring a contractor to work in your home and around your family is something you take very seriously. We do not allow any of our employees to step foot on your property unless they have been verified and are trustworthy.

  • 2. Your home will be kept in clean condition.

    We work very hard to make sure that your home is kept as clean as possible and is left in good condition at the end of each day. There are many different tradespeople that will be a part of your project and we make it a priority to meet with the owner of each trade and request that their employees clean up after themselves on a daily basis.

  • 3. Full orchestra of talent.

    Many of our tradespeople have been a part of our team for over a decade. This has allowed us to work directly with each trades partner to ensure our processes are followed. This means subcontractors will not acquire their “training” on your project. These long-term relationships ensure prompt responses when we call on them. In addition, we control the quality of the work by putting the proper procedures in place and updating the subcontractors as necessary to keep them involved with our processes.

  • 4. We will obtain all proper permits and insurance.

    We only use licensed trade partners for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Much of the other work is completed “in house” helping eliminate various subcontractors and liabilities.

  • 5. Your contractor will return your phone calls.

    There are many professionals that you will be reaching out to during your project such as your architect, designer, tile rep, etc.  But, we also know that you want to have access to your contractor. At Fineline Construction, we provide personal service for every client. Your contractor will be available to you – even after the sale. We have assigned Project Managers to work with you during construction and to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.