10 Ways to Keep Your Deck Cozy During Winter

You love spending time on your deck in the mild weather of the spring and the sunny days of the summer. But as the weather dips in the winter, especially during the cold nights, suddenly the space looks a lot less attractive. The deck is beyond the comforts of your indoor heater. You may be…


Why Now is a Good Time to Build That Custom Deck You’ve Always Wanted

One of the best parts of homeownership is the ability to turn your home into the customized space that matches your particular preferences. Every new home improvement project brings your personal space that much closer to the dream home you’ve always wanted.  That matters in the best of times, but as most families now face…

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6 Ways to Tell if a Contractor’s Reliable

A home addition or renovation is a big expense. Between the cost and the fact that you’re making serious changes to your main living space, you’re taking a big risk. That risk could result in a stressful catastrophe, or pay off in the home of your dreams. Which way it goes depends primarily on what…

6 Ways to Tell if A Contractor is Reliable

7 Tips for Working with a Contractor

You’ve finally decided you’re ready to move forward on that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about. It’s exciting to know your fantasy is on the verge of becoming a reality! But if you don’t have much experience with construction projects, you may not have any idea what to expect. Based on years of experience…